"The magnificent shoebill" 

"Bird with Attitude"...(Laurie 2022)

"Easiest way to see the shoebill" (Batte 2021)

"Must do! Your friends will be jealous!" (Redlionny 2021).

Shoebill tours since 2008

In 2008 we started using a boat across the bay of Lake Vicotoria to see the elusive Shoebill, or Bulwe in the local language Luganda. This proved a success that have since continued, not least because of the poor road quality.

More than a thousand visitors have, through us, until now seen the shoebill in its natural environment

We are only working with registered companies and guides, we pay government taxes and levys and we try and minimize environmental impact


The guide and boatman will takes us througt in the passages as we approach the prime areas for the shoebill

The Shoebill

The shoebill is unique and endemic for central Africa. It cannot be found elsewhere. 

It is related to pelicans but sometimes wrongly refered to as a stork. 

On Lake Victoria

The boat across the lake is part of the experience. Pelicans, cormorants, darters and fishermen  preying for its catch. 

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Mabamba Shoebill tours
Shoebill at Mabamba
Shoebill mabamba


Being on the water, watching the fishermen, the birds, and of course - the shoebill. It is all a great experience. 

The shoebill is often seen in area between Lake Victoria and the greater wetlands. In this area the grassreads are mixed with papyrus where many other birds can be viewed. This is often missed by those who access the wetlands area by road.